I create paintings that question political and social dilemmas in a dysfunctional society. I observe and develop insight into gender equality, social conduct, and the social structures that govern contemporary American culture. I record information in my sketchbook on topics that I find essential while my observations and documentation steer my next body of work. Through my process, I use a wide range of source materials to create compositions that amplify these subjects. As an observer, I juxtapose images of people, objects, and places in my paintings to initiate conversations about the issues I care about most. For instance, in my artwork, Surfs Up (2021), I depict the concept of abandonment on childhood memorabilia. The American youth's fondness for the latest toys speaks of the start of the 90's & 00's era. During this time, demand sparked a surplus of production. This abundance resulted in an unnecessary amount of plastic use. Each painting draws the attention of the viewer to a nostalgic time filled with innocence. Once these play toys have reached their intended purpose, they are abandoned and discarded, never to gain their repurpose again. In an era of necessary concern circling global waste and environmental distress, these memorabilia are resurfacing through our various water sources and tell a story of the journey back to shore they have taken these past few decades. Through the use of satire, these childhood toys spark life in surreal positions and demand the attention of the new generation on the issue, "the discard problem," we despairingly face.